Best Blog or Online-Only Column, Top 7 Finalists


The award for Best Blog or Online-Only Column honours the blog or online-only column that best serves its intended audience through commentary, opinion, visual, audio, and/or interactive elements.

Judges for this award considered the overall quality of the storytelling and presentation, as well as functionality, user experience and overall impact. This year, our jury has nominated 7 standout blogs or columns.

Take a look at this year’s nominees:

Born & Raised
The Huffington Post


Arti Patel, Writer & Editor
Contributors: Russell Sabio, Chloe Tejada

Crossing You in Style
FILLER Magazine


Emily Blake, Writer
Jennifer Lee, Editor
Adrian Alphona, Illustrator

In Our Image


Jordan Pearson, Writer
Kate Lunau, Editor

Jennifer Ditchburn columns
Policy Options


Jennifer Ditchburn, Writer & Editor

Presidential Poll Tracker
CBC News


Éric Grenier, Writer
Chris Carter, Editor
Contributors: Alisa Mamak, Michael Leschart, Richard Grasley

Researching Contemporary Indigenous Art in Public
Canadian Art


Richard William Hill, Writer
David Balzer, Editor

Tim Caulfield: The Cure
Policy Options


Tim Caulfield, Writer
Jennifer Ditchburn, Editor

The winners of the Best Blog or Online-Only Column award will be announced at the Digital Publishing Awards Soirée on Thursday June 1, 2017 in Toronto. Join us!

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Full list of 2017 nominees
Digital Publishing Awards Event Details

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